How to Train Dogs to Hunt Rabbits

Hunting is one of the biggest leisure activities for the mankind nowadays. Not to mention that the human race has been doing hunting since the start and it was used as a source for living in the past. Like many other activities, hunting has evolved considerably and is now seen as one of the most interesting hobbies. Nevertheless, as the society moved towards sophistication more laws and regulations were applied to save the species which are in much lesser quantity and thus, rabbit hunting became popular.


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    Train a puppy

    Training a grown up dog is very difficult and requires excessive amount of hard work and determination and even then the chances of success are not certain. Therefore, you must train a puppy as they are in the growth phase and will be considerably quicker learners. It is also important that you must choose a reasonable breed of dogs for the purpose of hunting. You can train any dog but not all of them are meant for hunting and there is a huge possibility that your dog will take time to search for the hunted rabbit. You can go blindly for beagles in this regard, as they have strong instincts.

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    Lock him up with the tamed rabbit

    Now you must lock your puppy with the tamed rabbit. It is necessary that you keep the puppy closer to rabbit and allow him to sniff the rabbit. This way it will become easier for the puppy to catch the scent of a rabbit.

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    Let him chase the rabbit

    Now you should cut lose the rabbit and allow him to roam here and there. After the rabbit has gone little further, you should now unchain the puppy and let him chase the rabbit. Remember that it is of utmost importance that you let loose both of these in a large but secured area. You should keep an eye on them so that nothing unacceptable happens.

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    Hide your rabbit and try again

    Now you should try the same but in a different manner. You should hide the rabbit in a large fenced area and untie your dog and allow him to find the rabbit. As he had sniffed the rabbit earlier, it would not be hard for the puppy to trace the rabbit.

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    Try in different weather conditions

    You should try the same in different weather conditions as a practice for your puppy.

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