How to Stop a Dog From Digging Using the M.U.T.T. Method

To stop a dog from digging using M.U.T.T method is a daunting task but with proper technique you can get good results. This M.U.T.T. method stands for Manage, Underlying, Train and Time. Before you start applying any method on your pet to stop them from doing anything which bothers you, try to understand their different types of behaviour. Especially in dogs, digging is a common behaviour which sometimes gives you lots of trouble if you have a small garden. Dog owners know that this behaviour should be treated using different techniques including M.U.T.T. method.


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    Managing the behaviour

    Managing the behaviour of your pet is your foremost duty. It not only applies to digging but overall there are lots of different behaviour which can cause many problems for you or your family but managing it is not very difficult. The managing process will give you relaxation that it will not get worse in the future. Managing the behaviour means that you do not give any opportunity to your dog to dig or you do some efforts that your dog will understand that his or her owner does not like digging.

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    Try to figure out the reason for behaviour

    It is very important that you try to figure out the reason for this behaviour. You need to check your dog’s breed and give him or her a checkup. Digging behaviour often suggests frustration and boredom as well. If you understand that your dog is suffering from any kind of frustration or boredom related issues, you should give your pet more time and spend some quality time to ensure that your pet does not feel lonely. Go along with him for long walks as your pet will feel close to you. It is very important that you make your pet understand that you love and care about them.

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    Frustration causes

    Sometimes your dog also gets frustrated to see another dog or cat outside. This causes many problems as he cannot go outside because of a fence. You also need to know that full breed terrier dogs are also inclined towards digging so ask a professional if you cannot handle your terrier’s behaviour.

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    Spend quality time with your dog

    Spending some quality time with your dog is also ideal that boredom symptoms often comes with loneliness. Try to divide your time between other activities and spending time with your dog during the day.

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    Train your dog well

    Making your dog understand that you are not happy about your pet's bad behaviour of digging. Discourage your pet whenever he or she does it and say loudly that you do not like this digging behaviour.               

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