How to Train a Chesapeake Bay Retriever

While dogs make excellent pets, they need to be properly trained to ensure they remain docile and behave themselves. Some dog breeds are easily trained as compared to other stubborn ones.

Training a Labrador is fun, but spending time with a Chesapeake Bay retriever will make you realise that dog training requires a lot of patience. Once you manage to train one of these though, you can train nearly any dog.


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    Professional trainers always advise that you start training your dog at an early age. Younger dogs are fast learners and are trained much more easily. For a Chesapeake Bay retriever, you need to train it as a young puppy which lays the foundation for future obedience. The Chesapeake Bay retriever is a slow learner so it is important to teach the puppy simple commands to sit, stay, and come.

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    If you started training when the dog was a puppy, by the time it is an adult and weighs around 80 pounds it will have learned to respond to your commands. Walking an untrained adult Chesapeake Bay retriever will be a problem if you have not leash-trained it.

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    Conditioning works best with dogs and you need to be consistent and devoted in the training process to make sure the dog realizes the importance of your commands.

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    A  Chesapeake Bay retriever cannot be left untrained, so if you plan to keep this dog as a pet, you will need to take the responsibility for its training. These dogs have a dominant personality, meaning that they will not obey you if there aren’t any rules in front of them.

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    A properly trained Chesapeake Bay retriever has the ability of becoming a hunting dog, and can also compete in dog shows. These dogs can also be trained to sniff drugs and have proven their effectiveness in this field.

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    This breed needs daily exercise in order to burn the extra energy. Remember, if your dog doesn't exercise, it can become dangerously aggressive and/or damage property and furniture.

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