How to Donate Dogs to Prisons

You can help an organization’s need of having a trained dog if you donate puppies to prisons. They puppies are trained and groomed for services against offenders, criminals or for any other community service. They are given to different organizations that request the prison authorities they are in need of a trained dog. The prisons are always in need of dogs of good breed, and if you breed puppies of the type that can fit in the community services after the training you should donate them.


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    Prison authorities do not accept puppies or dogs of all breeds. They prefer breeds such as purebred golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, collies or standard poodles. If you breed these type of puppies you should donate them to the prisons.

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    The recommended age of puppies for donation is eight to 12 weeks. You should donate puppies at this age as they can be trained easily. Younger dogs learn faster than older ones.

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    Make sure you have got puppies vaccinated before donation. The services organization will ask you for vaccination certification, and if you have not got vaccinated puppies, they might turn down your donation request. Get puppies vaccinated before donation.

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    Donate Directly

    If you are an individual or an organization wanting puppies to be trained, contact prison in your area directly. They can collect the donation and use it for socializing and training. You will have to go through proper documentation process, so be ready for that.

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    Dogs Organizations

    If you do not know how to donate puppies directly to prison, you can contact dogs organization in your area and donate puppies to them. You can also ask them if they can donate the dog to prison or if you are just finding another home for the puppies, just leave them there.

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    Donate Money

    In addition to donating puppies to prison or any dogs organizations, you should consider donating some money to these organizations on a regular basis. Your donation helps these organization effectively work for animal welfare because they are run on the funds raised through donations and fund raising events.

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