How to Stop Dachshund Puppy Biting

Puppies are cute and lovable creatures and can force you to play with them for hours. Puppy biting is harmless, but a dachshund puppy’s biting habit can become a serious matter if not curbed early on, as it is a dachshund’s way of trying to assert pack dominance. Remember, you need to be the dominant one in your relationship with your dog, so just because dachshunds are small doesn’t mean you take their biting for granted.


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    Since training this breed is the easiest when the dog is around six months old, it is better you don’t waste time and start right away. However, remember harsh and abusive training may wear out your dog, resulting in listless and stubborn behavior.

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    A gentle pinching just behind your puppy’s neck, whenever he/she bites you, is a good way to start the training. This behaviour is exhibited by the mother dog in order to assert her authority. The puppy needs to understand that you are in command and it is in his/her own interest to obey you. A dog will stop obeying you if he considers himself/herself as an alpha, so it is important that you maintain the status of an alpha in this pet-owner relationship.

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    To show your disapproval of the puppy’s undesirable behaviour, you should always make a loud whining sound every time he/she bites or tries to bite you. This will show him/her that his/her actions are not tolerable. As a pet, the dog needs to know which actions are allowed and which are not.

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    Get your puppy a toy to chew on if he/she bites too much. Give this toy to the dog every time he/she tries to bite.

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    It is essential for your dog to know his/her boundaries; for this you may need to start crate training your puppy. Whenever the dog bites you, limit his/her access to the house, showing him/her that biting will lead to punishment.

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    It is not advisable to play rough games with dachshund puppies as these encourage biting and aggressive behavior.

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    Keep a water bottle with you when you are with your puppy and the moment it tries to bite, splash water on his/her face. Dog's don't like water and this will discourage the behavior in question.

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    If you feel your training isn’t producing the desired results, hire a professional dog trainer without delay or start taking your dog to obedience school.

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