How to Clean Dog Hair

If you live in a pet-friendly environment and have a dog or two at home, you may be worried about pet hair. Dog hair can get a bit too troublesome not only for the animal, but also for you, the family and of course the house. It seems very annoying to wash your dog hair every now and then because the animal will never stop playing or getting its hair dirty. You constantly have to make sure that your dog looks shiny, clean and healthy.

Here are some tips to clean your dog hair at home without having to consult a pet expert.

Things Required:

– Quality Dog Food (80-85% digestibility rate)
– Pet Shampoo
– Pet Conditioner


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    Keep a careful eye on the type and quality of dog food that you feed your pet. The food your dog eats is very important for its health and hair. So focus on canine nutrition. Giving your dog hair a good look typically begins with nutritious food. You have plenty of places to get quality dog food, but do some research and try to understand the difference what is good or bad for your dog. Digestibility is an important factor, as it helps your dog maintain its gastrointestinal condition and overall health. Remember, dog hair loses its texture and shine due largely to health problems. When you buy a food, make sure that digestibility ratio is mentioned on the packaging. Insist on 80 to 85 percent digestibility rate.

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    Give your pet monthly hair check-ups. This is very important because just washing its fur on a regular basis does not ensure good, shiny and strong dog hair. Have a vet examine the dog's skin on a regular basis. The need to have regular check-ups becomes even stronger if your dog has long hair. If going to a vet is not possible, you can examine the dog's hair yourself. Take a good look at the dog from head to toe, checking every body part for ticks and fleas. Remember, pests like fleas can be really annoying and create several health problems if you do not get them quickly under control.

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    Wash your dog's hair with a quality pet shampoo. There are several branded shampoos that are specifically designed for dog hair. The variety of dog shampoos is not small, as you can choose keeping in mind the length of hair—long or short.

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    Use a quality conditioner. Conditioner gives your dog's hair a shiny look. Get a conditioner specially designed for dog hair. Do not even think of using conditioner made for humans as it will do nothing but weaken your dog's hair.

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