How to Stop Neighbors Barking Dogs

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. The old saying can be quite inaccurate when it comes to the dogs owned by the neighbors as they can bark the peace out of your life. It is a situation that is far from ideal particularly when all you want is a good night’s sleep.

Like all problems, there is a solution to this as well and you have to approach it in an appropriate manner. Doing so will help you in solving the issue without causing any malice in your neighbor’s heart.


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    Friendly Chit Chat

    The best way to go about it is to have a bit of a friendly chit chat with the neighbor. If you have good terms with the given person, it’s all the better. By the way, make a mention of the dogs barking, particularly at night. There is a possibility that the person has not realised this issue and you mentioning it may just do the trick.

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    Write a Letter

    If you are not on talking terms or not sure how the person will react, you can write them a polite letter on the matter as well. Let them know, in a gentle manner, that the dog has been a problem and has been creating trouble for you by barking all the time. This should do well and the neighbor should take steps to correct it. You can leave it anonymously if you feel like it.

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    Anti-Barking Collar

    These are available in the market. Pick one that will not cause pain to the dog. If the owner of the dog is not interested in taking any action, leave the collar on their doorstep. You certainly do not want to show your identity if you made the first move anonymously. This should be enough of a wake-up call for the person to take action and at least put the collar around the neck of the dog.

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    Silent Dog Whistle

    This option is for the last resort. If the dog or his owner is not paying any heed to your requests, use a silent dog whistle. A human cannot hear it but they can certainly be an earful for the dog. Every time it barks, blow the whistle. After sometime, the dog should realise why the whistle is blown and should stop barking.

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    Local Authorities

    If none of the methods are working, you can look up the city codes and file a complaint about the excessive barking. You do not have to mention your name in the complaint.

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