How to Give Medicine to Dogs

Owning pets is something everyone tries to do at some point or the other in their lives. This is because owning a pet gives your life a whole new meaning, and makes things a entire lot more fun for you.

Normally people with gardens tend to get dogs, while people with small houses tend to end up getting cats, since they require less space.

Now as is the case with humans, pets tend to get sick every now and then, this is why they need to get medication put into their systems, so that they may end up recovering much faster than they normally would.

Trying to get your dog to take medication is no walk in the park, and it can prove to be a real hassle for anyone who is trying to go about doing so.


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    Before you do anything, you need to realize that there are two types of dogs out there. One type is very reluctant to take any sort of medication and will not give way. While the other kind will easily go ahead and eat the pills like they were candy or something along those lines. Now the other type of dogs refuse to do so and throw a hissy fit when you try to feed them. So the first thing you should do, is to figure out what type of dog it is that you have, so that you know just how to treat it.

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    You should almost always ask your vet if the medication that he has assigned your dog is available in liquid form. Giving a dog a liquid is a lot easier than trying to give it a solid piece of food. Most of the time, dogs tend to just lick away at almost any liquid, without even thinking it through.

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    Try putting the medicine inside some food before giving it to a dog. You can either mix it in the food bowl, or stick it in the middle of some chicken or meat, so that the dogs can’t smell the medication too prominently and won’t suspect any foul play either.

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    Smashing the pill up and then mixing it with water or milk can also do the trick for you. The dog won’t have time to think what he has done until it is too late and by then the dissolved pill already be in his stomach.

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