How to Get My Dog to Eat Dog Food

Many dog ​​owners believe that feeding natural food to their pets is much better than dry food. But this is very misleading because the dry food contains essential vitamins and minerals for dogs.

But as it gets they feed their pet with cooked meat and cheese. In addition, dry food frees owners from cooking and thinking diet for a dog. So, if you decided to move on to a specialized dog food, then you have to fulfil a number of recommendations.

Health and life expectancy of a dog depends primarily on how well you fed him. Today in specialized stores selling pet products, offer a wide range of different food, varying in composition and price.

Advertising on TV persistently claims that eating processed feeds popular brand, your pet will always be healthy and happy. However, many do not buy these colourful packages with strange dry granules or pastes and four-legged friends are fed natural food.


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    First, select the food that is most suited to your pet. If you have a small dog, it would be pretty stupid to give him food for large breeds. In addition, we must remember the age of the dog, as well as the type lifestyle he is comfortable to adapt. In case you have difficulty in choosing, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian. To select the dog food: dry and canned. The use of dry food helps cleanse the teeth, thus reducing the risk of gum disease and tartar.

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    To force the dog on dry food should be gradual. In the first two or three days, replace one-quarter of the usual food to dry food but remember not to mix them. So let them have dry food, for example, only for breakfast. See how the dog reacts to the food. If you see any side effects, keep on changing the diet when you realize that the food is good for his health.

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    The next three or four days, increase the amount of dry food and just enough down the same portion of a natural food. Give the dog more water.  A week can fully translate the dog on dry food.

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