How to Make you Dog Look Innocent in Pictures

Dogs are simply adorable animals, which is why people, especially children, all over the globe are extreme fond of keeping them as pets. One of the best thing about dogs is that they are loving creatures, which is why whenever someone shows them love, they reciprocate these feelings by loving that person back with similar or greater intensity.

If you have an adorable dog, you would definitely want to take his picture and upload on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social networking website. Dogs look exceptionally cute when they have a certain innocent look on their face. In order to make your dog look innocent in pictures, there are certain things that you would need to do.


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    One of the most important things to do in order to make your dog look innocent in pictures is to make sure that he is clean. Give him a long and thorough bath to make his coat shine with cleanliness. Your dog may not be very fond of getting into water and may put up a battle, but you should not let him have his way and do whatever you can to get him into the tub.

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    Your dog will not have that coveted innocent look on his face unless he is feeling really relaxed. If you have not fed your dog well, or have not been giving him enough time, the expression on your dog’s face will say it all and therefore make him look either frustrated or sad. Therefore, take out time from your daily routine to take him out on walks, play with him and of course feed him on time. A happy dog will be an innocent dog.

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    Choose the right moment to take a picture of your dog. Do not wake him up from sleep just to take his picture. If you disturb his sleep, there is a strong chance that he would look a bit menacing, daring you to disturb him again before moving away from you to resume his sleep. Be patient and wait until your dog is awake and fresh before making him pose in front of the camera.

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    Take more than just one or two pictures of your dog. The more pictures you take of your dog, the greater would be the probability of you being able to successfully get an innocent picture of him. A dog does not maintain the same expression throughout the day. There would be times when he would be feeling playful, while at times he would want nothing more than to just relax. If you catch him at a moment when he is happy and looking to relax, grab your camera and take a picture immediately.

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