How to Feed a Dog Raw Food

People who love to keep dogs as pets in their home always remain concerned about the diet of their animals. There are many people who prefer to buy well balanced food prepared by an established company. But many people consider using raw food for their dogs because they think that it is close to the natural food of dogs.

Considering this aspect, the importance of raw food becomes quite obvious. However, many dog lovers do not know that much about raw food. If you want to understand how to feed a dog raw food then follow some simple techniques.


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    First, you need to do a little research for getting information about different types of raw food for dogs. Two types of raw food are commonly used including BARF and whole prey model. BARF includes bones and raw meat, supplements and vegetables while whole prey model contains bones and raw meat but does not include carbohydrates.

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    You should incorporate meat of different animals which provides better nutrition to pet dogs. Liver is a perfect example as it is an organ that dogs love to eat.

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    However, make sure you provide a balanced diet that should not be more than the energy requirement of your dog. Excessive feeding of raw food to a dog can harm its digesting system that can create different types of diseases.

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    You should include as much variety in the raw food of your dog as possible. It will help you in feeding whatever you want to your dog. Make your dog get in the habit of eating different things but make sure to avoid feeding those things that can upset the stomach of your pet.

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    After feeding your dog, you need to monitor it to help you in getting a better idea about the productivity of the food. It will also help you in identifying anything wrong caused by the use of a particular type of raw food.

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    You need to cut the raw meat into small pieces so that your dog can eat it easily without putting it down on the ground. Also, make sure you decide on a particular quantity of raw food for your dog and increase the quantity as your pet grows.

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