How to Get a Dog to Gain Weight

Everyone wants to have only a healthy dog around. Having a weak animal is indeed a disheartening experience. The dogs usually lose weight following an injury or illness. So, it is important to pay attention to them, particularly to the food they eat.

It is imperative that you give your dog calorie dense food. In the meantime, you have to ensure that the food is very expensive. It is important for animal shelters to work on this issue, because no one would like to adopt a skinny dog. While giving your dog good healthy food, don’t forget to make sure that the stuff is not heavy on stomach.


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    First of all, visit the veterinarian. It is pretty important, as you need to know whether there are any underlying causes. The doctor will see if the animal has any worms or other illness.

    It is all about to make your dog healthy. So, ask the veterinarian about what weight actually suits your dog. There is no need to put on extra weight on your pet, just because of his looks.

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    Don’t go for substandard dog food, just because it is cheap. The off-brand animal foods contain plenty of fillers, which might make life problematic for your dog. Your pet might get ill and as a result, you have to spend a lot more on his health. Make certain that the stuff you are feeding has all the essential nutrients. The veterinarian can help you pick the best food.

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    Make your dog eat. It is not a good idea to leave him on his own. To make your dog gain weight, you have to serve food to your dog five to six times a day. Even if the dog refuses to eat, you have to make him eat. Picking up the food and giving him a lesson to eat the available food is always a good strategy.

    Go for the canned food, which is available in plenty of varieties in the market. The animals, just like human beings, like to have different tastes. Therefore, you cannot feed same bread to your dog for weeks.

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    Always offer fresh water to your pet. Many dog lose weight because of dehydration. Thus, you should make sure that fresh water is always available.

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    Take your dog out for a walk. Walking is just like an exercise for the dog, and it will also help him get healthy. With stronger muscles, your dog will look more dashing than only with fat. In the meantime, going for a walk will benefit your health.

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