Buying a Bed Bug Dog

Are you annoyed with bedbugs and have been thinking of buying a bedbug dog? Many people, who have a bedbug problem at home, rarely resort to techniques like using bedbug dogs as they rely more on pesticides and other repellents. However, if you are a dog lover and have been keeping a dog at home, you can try to bedbug dog to help you get rid of pests.

Bedbug dogs are specially trained to sniff out pests like bedbugs. There are several breeds that can be trained to become bedbug dogs, but Beagles and Labrador Retrievers are said to be the most popular options.


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    First off, ask yourself why you want to buy bedbug dog. You may want the dog for domestic or business purposes. You should be aware that bedbug dogs that are bought with the intention to be used in business undergo tough training. So be prepared to pay a higher price if you are planning to buy a bedbug dog in order to start your own bug detection service.

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    Pick a good breed. Although there are plenty of good breeds out there which can be trained to give you the best service but experts have singled out Labrador Retrievers as the best. Labs are easy to train and they sniff out just about everything they are trained for. Beagles are another good breed that people usually show interest in. However, you should search for other breeds as well if you intend to run a bug detection service.

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    Make sure the dog gets the proper training before your pay for it. Most companies selling bedbug dogs will give a one-off training to the dogs before you buy from them. Insist on getting regular checks, especially if you are running a bug detection business.

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    Get a genetic health guarantee from the seller. Most sellers won’t guarantee you this and you will end up resorting to a veterinarian afterwards.

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    Be open about your specific needs when you get in touch with a company/dog seller. Tell them what kind of dog you are interested in. Maybe, agility is your preferred trait and you cannot afford to run a business with a dog mediocre at sniffing.

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    Search for a company that exclusively deals in bedbug dogs. Buying from a company that focuses on other kind of dogs as well may not satisfy you that much as the company ignores a lot of things that are important for pest control and bug detection.

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