How to Know When to Breed Your Dog

Do you think it is about time you breed your dog but are unsure whether you should do it?

You must keep in check a few things before you start thinking about it. Also, try not to breed your dog only for money. Several people think that they can earn a lot of money by selling the puppies. Although true, it should not be the only motivation. Simply do it because it's your dog's need. This article will give you a guideline about the appropriate time of breeding a dog. 


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    Age of the dog

    The first thing that must pop up in your mind is the age of your dog. You must know when to start breeding your dog as a pregnant dam might end up getting hurt if she is not of the perfect age. There is a term labeled ‘coming in heat’, which means that the dam has started her estrus cycles. This takes place between six and nine months. Once the first cycle is over, the dam comes in heat after every six months. People advise that you must not start breeding a dam unless she is at least one year old. Most people prefer her to be one and a half or two years old so that she is mature and strong enough to handle the stress of delivering puppies.

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    Make sure that your stud or dam have both been vaccinated. You must go to a vet often in order to take their expert advice. They will not only vaccinate your dog; in fact, they can also help you out in breeding it. They have the perfect knowledge regarding this subject and it is advised that you do not start breeding your dog before he/she is vaccinated. This way they can carry diseases not only to the other dog, but also to the puppies which will be delivered. 


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    Coming in heat

    As explained in the first step, you must wait for your dam to come in heat and only then can you introduce a stud close to her. In order to know whether your dam is of the perfect age, simply put a stud in closer vicinity. Once she will be of the perfect age, her genital area will swell and give off an odor to which the stud will strongly react to.


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