How to Bathe Your Dog at Home

Dogs are one of the most lovable pet animals. They need special care, attention and cleaning as they are regular with you, your family members and home. Give your dog a bath in order to keep it clean, more presentable and away from many diseases. Moreover, bathing a dog has a psychological benefit as well. Your dog will feel loved and adored for.

Bathing a dog at home can be a wet and messy activity, but this simple guide contains all the details that will help make the process a lot easier and smoother- for both you and your dog.

Things Required:

– Dog Brush
– Towels
– Cotton balls or Cotton pads
– Bath Tub
– Lubricating eye-ointment
– Do shampoo and conditioner
– Water
– Vinegar
– Hair dryer


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    Before the Dog Bath:

    Before bathing your dog at home, take care of the given below points:

    Select the location: Where you bath your dog is totally up to you, but selecting a place by keeping his/her size in mind can be helpful. If your dog is a little cute one, then a spray hose and your bathroom sink will work well. Big dogs can easily fit inside a shower. So you can use a hose to bathe them.

    Get the equipments ready: Get the required items ready before bathing your dog in order to make sure that everything is within hands reach.

    Brush your dog: Brush your dog’s hair in order to clean them out and tangle or mat free. Bathing without brushing can make the tangles tighter.

    Close his/her ears: Put two large cotton balls or cotton pads inside your dog’s ear in order to prevent soapy water from going into the ear-canals. Moreover, it helps in preventing ear infection in your dog.

    Protect his/her eyes: Use a lubricating eye-ointment in both eyes of your dog in order to protect them from the soap mixtures.

    Prepare Vinegar Solution: Fill a small bucket with warm water and pour ½ cup of pure vinegar into it. Stir it well until mix well, using gloved hands or large spoon.

    Water: Make sure that the water to bathe the dog is neither too hot nor too cold. Lightly warm water is suitable to rinse off the applied mixtures.

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    During the Dog Bath

    Keep the given below points in mind during your dog bath:

    Wet your dog: Place your dog in the selected tub or sink and set him/her in one place, using one of your hands. Now use the other hand to wet the body of your dog, avoiding his/her ears and eyes.

    Apply shampoo: Squeeze some dog shampoo at the top of your dog’s stomach and spread it all around, using both of your hands. Pour a small dab of shampoo into the head of your dog and spread it, avoiding ears and eyes. Now massage the applied shampoo all over the body of your dog in circular motion. Continue massaging for 3 minutes.

    Rinse off: Use plain water to rinse off the shampoo completely. Now, rinse off the dog with the vinegar solution to kill all kinds of germs, hidden in the hair.

    Apply conditioner: Pour some dog conditioner into your palm and spread it by rubbing both hands together. Now apply this conditioner to the body of your dog from head to toes, avoiding ears and eyes. Rinse off the condition after 2 minutes, using plain lukewarm water.

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    After Bathing Dog

    Once you bath your dog properly, follow the given instructions:

    Remove the cotton pads: While still in the tub at the end of bathing, give your dog some time to shake the excess water off from his/her fur (hair). Now remove the cotton balls from both ears of your dog.

    Wrap your Dog: Use a large towel to wrap your dog and take him/her out of the tub or sink and place on a mat. Unwrap the towel and use it to dry the hair of your dog.

    Blow dry: Use your hair-dryer to blow dry hair of your dog for nice finishing touch.

    Brush: Your Dog is all set to go; brush his/her hair to remove the tangles and for a neat look.

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