How to Calm Down a Puppy at Night

Nighttime is one of the points in the day, when a puppy tends to get restless. Now whether you are a new owner or you have a new puppy, you are going to want to know just how to make sure that the puppy stops acting in an undesirable manner and easily goes to sleep.

In order to do this, you need to be calm yourself and follow some guidelines to help you calm down a puppy at night.

Things Required:

– Hot water bottle
– Old clothes
– Toys
– Old clock


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    Ideally getting the puppy to exercise quite a bit before his nap is something that works for most people. The trick is to get the puppy so worked up, that they can’t even think about anything other than going to sleep. You can do this by taking the puppy for a walk before its bed time, or by allowing it to play with its toys.

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    Another option that seems to work out is one which sees you placing a hot water bottle inside the puppy’s bed. The heat makes the puppy think that it is with its litter and this helps him adjust to the bed and go to sleep very comfortably, without worrying about anything.

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    Sometimes puppies feel rather lonely and scared when they are sleeping alone. In order to help it, you can place an old article of clothing into the sleeping area. This will leave your scent and the puppy will feel comfortable and relaxed.

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    Placing the puppy’s favourite toy in the basket/bed tends to work as well. It is going to give the puppy something to do until it gets tired and even if it wakes up, it will start playing with the toy again until it goes back to sleep. With the toy around, the puppy won’t whine for you to come and check on it either.

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    Wrapping an old clock, which makes a ticking sound and then placing it in the sleeping area, will replicate the heartbeat of the puppy’s mother and will comfort and soothe it until it goes to sleep.

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    However, you need to remember not to pay attention to the puppy if it whines. Ignore it for about twenty minutes so that it gives up and goes to sleep. However, if it is still whining after twenty minutes, then go and check on it to make sure the puppy is doing alright.

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