How to Train a Golden Retriever

Training Golden Retrievers is extremely satisfying and rewarding since they are intelligent, loyal and excellent learners. Not to forget that they are amazingly cute, with their big puppy eyes during their early years. These are easy maintenance dogs, who need a little bit of love and training to become fantastic companions. Dogs get trained well when they are young, so it is suggested that you start training while your dog is still a puppy.


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    Firstly, you need to gather information about the dog and its lineage. Remember, knowing the behaviour of your dog’s parents will help you train the dog by understanding its behaviour as well. It would also help to know the size of the litter with which your dog spent its first weeks.

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    You have to start by teaching your dog simple but crucial obedience commands like 'sit', 'stay' and 'come'. Once your dog is familiar with these, you can move on towards more complex training.

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    You might consider the next step a tad cruel, but it is for your and the dog’s own good. This process basically involves you potty training the dog. You will have to crate the Golden retriever, and since dogs love their crates they do not like them to be soiled, so after a few incidents, they will naturally learn to relieve themselves outside. It is suggested that you put the dog in the crate every night and when you are away. In a matter of days you will have a potty trained Golden retriever.

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    When your dog successfully obeys a command, reward it with a treat such as a cereal, dog biscuits etc. Having treats small enough to hold in your hand makes it easy to reward your dog frequently during a training session. The animal will lose concentration and forget why he is being rewarded if you waste too much time searching for treats in your pocket.

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    Do not forget that your dog is an animal, and does not understand what you say and why. Hence, communicate with your dog using gestures which are easy to understand. With the passage of time, the dog will start adapting to these commands and will be easy to control.

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    You need to be consistent in your training even after your dog gets the hang of basic commands.

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