How to Rehabilitate a Feral Dog

A feral or wild dog can be hard to catch or handle as they are usually aggressive. Most feral dogs in urban areas are the result of abandonment or mistreatment by their owners. Although most feral dogs avoid human contact, some can be dangerous. If you have adopted a feral dog, it takes a lot of love and patience to rehabilitate the animal.

Things Required:

– Tick treatment lotion
– Dog brush
– Muzzle
– Rubbing alcohol
– Tweezers
– Hair trimmer
– Scissors


  • 1

    Visit the veterinarian

    The first thing to do if you have recently gotten a feral dog is to take it to the veterinarian. The doctor will examine the feral dog and help identify any possible issues or injuries. You can also get all the vaccinations taken care of as well. The veterinarian will be able to prescribe any potential medication and help draw up a decent diet plan for the dog.

  • 2

    Parasite Removal

    Put a muzzle on the feral dog and get rid of all the parasites that it might have. Use a flea and tick treatment lotion by applying it all over the dog’s coat and letting it sit for at least a full day. You can remove ticks using some tweezers and rubbing alcohol. Make sure to gently brush your feral dog in slow long strokes to help soothe his or her nerves.

  • 3

    Dog Grooming

    Take some time and groom your feral dog so that the animal looks clean and neat. Use some hair trimmers or scissors to cut or shave excess hair that might be tangled. Remember to just trim a little bit of fur as the dog can react strongly to losing a lot of hair.

  • 4

    Proper Diet

    Try to follow the diet plan given to you by the veterinarian. Most feral dogs are usually very hungry as they have been wandering and scavenging in the streets for food. Do not give your dog too much food in the beginning as this can twist the intestines of the animal. Provide a small amount of food in the beginning and start increasing the volume daily. Give your feral dog a mixture of both hard and soft foods. There are many good dog food brands in the market that are ideal for your pet.

  • 5

    Give the dog love

    Give your feral dog as much love and attention as you can. This will have a positive impact on the psychology of the animal as it begins to warm up to you and your family. Try to play with the dog regularly so that it feels loved and cared for.

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