How to Build a Casket for a Dog

It is very sad and heartbreaking to lose a dog as it is one of the most faithful and friendly animals. If you want to bury your dog after a ceremony, you will need a casket for it. You can easily get a casket from the market. However, it is better to build one at your home as you can modify it and can save a lot of money as well.

Things Required:

– Hardwood veneered plywood
– Edging tape
– Glue
– Circular saw (or, ideally, a table saw)
– Plug-covered screws
– Joinery
– Wood-finishing product
– Foam
– Chip Carving Knife


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    First, you have to take all the necessary measurements for the casket. Measure the height and width of your dog to assess the dimensions of the casket. It is extremely important for you to buy hardwood veneered plywood in excess. You can also use cherry, maple, oak, ash or birch to make the casket.

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    After getting the plywood, you have to cut it into pieces according to the measurements you took in the first step. Please note that the casket should be at least four inches longer than the width and height of your dog. Furthermore, you can customise the casket according to the other requirements e.g. you can make it longer from the bottom to provide decent room for the tail of your dog. It will be better for you to mark the wood with the help of a marker and a ruler before cutting it.

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    After cutting the wood into different pieces, you have to attach them together. You will have to make holes in the pieces. Then, join them with screws and cover the corners with the veneer tape. After applying glue, place the casket aside for at least 24 hours so that all the pieces are attached firmly with each other.

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    Now, you have to decorate the casket. You can apply the mouldings of your choice in order to give it a unique look. In addition, you can also engrave a quote or a message for your dog on the casket. Besides, you can make any design by carving with the chip-carving knife to enhance the casket.

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    In the end, apply the wood finish and clean the excess right after ten minutes. Place the casket aside for one day before burying your dog.

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