How to Use a Dog Shock Collar for Training

An electric shock collar is something which people use on their dogs, in order to train them. It is often regarded a way of punishing the dogs, but not too severely.

Shock collars are often used to stop dogs from unwanted actions and behaviours. They are used by most experts, trainers and handlers of dogs, in order to help promote positive behaviour in them. The collars can also be used in places where you don’t want to fence your garden, but at the same time, don’t want the dog to leave the premises of your household.


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    The first thing you need to do is to test out the collar. You can do this by placing the two probes of the collar on your wrist. Once it is on your wrist, go on and shock yourself. This will help you understand the intensity of the collar, and will let you adjust it to a setting that you think is appropriate.

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    Now place this collar onto your dogs neck. Make sure that it isn’t too tight, however you don’t want it to be too loose either. Adjust it so that it is just right. The important thing is that the two probes on the collar should be touching the dog's skin.

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    After the collar is on, let the dog have some time to play with the collar on. This will allow him to get used to it, and won’t cause him to panic or anything along those lines.

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    Now wait for the dog to make some unwanted move. You can induce this move in a number of ways as well. You just need to be creative.

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    Once this undesired business starts to take place, you can try the collar out. If the dog withstands the intensity and carries on, adjust it once again, and keep on doing it till you reach a level  where the dog stops doing what it is doing.

    Depending on the level of training you are looking to administer, you may also want to give the dog some positive reinforcement. Do that every time it stops misbehaving.

    The trick is to train the dog to expect a shock every time it misbehaves, irrelevant of whether you are around to watch it or not.

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