How to Pick Out a Good Dog Food

Did you ever check the ingredients and nutritious elements before buying a good dog food?

If the answer is “NO” then you are risking your dog’s life.

The reason is that most of the pet foods are processed and contain preservatives, which can leave negative effects on your beloved pooch’s health.

Though, it will be a difficult task to check the list of ingredients on every tin or packet but you can pick really good and healthful food for your dog through this small exercise. Moreover, some undemanding yet effective directions can make the procedure simpler.


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    Know your dog’s needs:

    The first thing you should do is to determine what nutritional element your dog needs the most. Though, you will have to seek help from a veterinary physician but this effort will really help you in selecting the food with best ratio of nutritients for your dog.

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    Follow the standard diet plan:

    Most of the nutritionists suggest that a dog food must contain 50% meat, 50% veggies and there must not be even a single particle of cheap fillers like nuts, grain, or wheat. Go to the store and pick the food that is close to this ratio.

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    Meat the only source of protein:

    Some companies cheat to increase their profits and use barley, millet, brown rice and oats to replace meat. Make sure that meat is the only source of protein in this processed food. Though, grains are also a valid source of protein but they can disturb your pet’s stomach. If you want to include them in your dog’s diet then use them in whole form as the fibre will help your puppy in digesting everything.

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    Read the complete ingredients list:

    While picking dog food, the most common mistake people make is just to check the first two or three ingredients. This is not right as many companies mention the substandard food ingredients in the end. So check the complete list to ensure best food for your dog.

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    Say “NO” to chemical preservatives:

    If the list says that the food contains chemical preservatives like BHT, BHA and Ethoxyquin then do not spend your money and save your dog from all the side effects. You should add Vitamin E and C to preserve the food naturally.

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    Pick Holistic food:

    You should consider holistic food for your dog as it is completely natural and hygienic. Experts believe that it contains super quality ingredients.

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