How to Recycle an Awning into an Ant Proof Dog Feeder

Recycling an awning into an ant proof dog feeder is a unique project as it will help you take something that you no longer need and make it in to something useful. Your dog will definitely appreciate being able to eat without having ants all over the place. The ant proof dog feeder will allow you to feed your pets without the worry of insects. You will need a little hard work and some patience to create an ant proof dog feeder by recycling an awning.

Things Required:

– Auto awning
– PVC tees
– Chop saw
– Pipe sections
– Plastic feet
– Apron


  • 1

    Auto awnings

    Get an auto awning and check carefully as to whether it is in good shape to build a dog feeder from. Carefully pull the feet off the awning and try to make a junction or centre in the roof for building your feeder. Tighten the bolt and wing nut as you attach it to a pipe and the collar on the foot.

  • 2

    PVC tees

    PVC tees are also important in this recycling process. See whether these PVC tees fit your pipe or not. You can also use an empty coffee container to keep the rain off the woodpile. These are secondary things but still you have to make sure that your dog feeder keeps dry. Old license plates can also be used as a roof or top of the dog feeder.

  • 3

    Using chop saw

    A chop saw will make the construction process a lot easier as you will be able to cut all the materials precisely. You need perfect cuts on a little kitty bucket as that will help hold the dog food securely.

  • 4

    Cut pipe sections

    Cutting pipe sections will help you to assemble the feeder. The open joints need to be glued properly to make the entire unit strong. Make sure to check each pipe joint is in place. Put the food bucket in the middle section as this will be the part where your dog will feed from.

  • 5

    Carefully set the plastic feet

    Carefully set the plastic feet on your awning. This make the entire dog feeder stable while your pet eats. You do not want the dog feeder to move around so check that the plastic feet are sitting properly on the ground. Make sure you also put some coffee containers for water. Ants will not go near water.

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