How to Select a Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels are very active and cheerful dogs that demand plenty of attention. Their puppies are very cute so when you choose one, make sure to inspect the exterior and observe their behaviour.

This breed is intelligent and friendly as they often try to communicate with people. There are many different places where you can get a nice Cocker Spaniel. Follow some easy instructions to help you select a Cocker Spaniel that will be loyal and become a part of your family.


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    Before proceeding to the choice of keeping a Cocker Spaniel, it is better to ask the breeder to show you the mother of the puppies. It is generally a rule that if the mother is healthy then the puppies will also be fine.

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    When you buy a Cocker Spaniel, he/she should not be less than 6-8 weeks. If you wean the puppy from the mother too soon, most likely, he/she will often get sick and consequently grow weak. This can cause problems for both the mother and the babies.

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    In any case, do not select the smallest puppy from the litter, even if it seems sweeter than others. It is likely that in the future he/she will have problems not only with development but also with their overall health.

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    Very carefully examine the exterior skin of the puppies. A healthy Cocker Spaniel puppy should have a symmetrically developed body, strong legs, beautiful nails, soft paws, clear skin without redness or scratches, shiny coat and a warm soft tummy.

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    Very carefully inspect the muzzle of the Cocker Spaniel puppy. The nose should be wet and cold, the surface of the ears should be pale pink and the eyes should be shiny without purulent discharge. Try to look inside his/her mouth. If you see pink gums and clean well developed white teeth, the puppy is healthy.

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    It is recommended to feel the fur as it should appear shiny and silky without any bald spots, seals and dandruff.

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    Observe the behaviour of the Cocker Spaniel. A puppy with a balanced psyche, as a rule, calmly responds to external stimuli such as clapping, knock on the door and the sound of a keychain falling on the floor etc. Remember to watch the puppy for a few minutes to see how he or she reacts to different things. This will give you a good idea of the psychology of the dog and whether or not it is suitable for being a pet.

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