How to Train Dogs for Family Living & Work

People love to get a dog and play with them. After buying a new puppy or dog, the first aim is to teach their pet to do simple things. You can start training by playing simple games with your dog and then to slowly increase the difficulty level of the exercises. If you are planning to teach a dog how to chase balls, you need to play fetching games with him. You can start with simple games in order to teach your dog to respect your authority and eventually, you will make a life-long bond with your dog.


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    Picking the dog

    You need to choose a dog according to your lifestyle. People usually pick one which looks cute and adorable. However, you need to do extensive research and choose the dog which matches your lifestyle and can live in the same environment that you live.

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    Start from the scratch

    It is easier for you to get a puppy and start training him rather adopting a dog which might have adapted bad habits. The dog might not be trained well by its previous owners. Besides this, it is difficult to train a dog and requires much time in comparison of training a puppy.

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    Take time out for training

    You need to take time out from your busy schedule every day in order to train your dog. You can take out 15 to 20 minutes daily for your dog. In case you take more time out, your dog will become tired and won’t learn. Thus 15 to 20 minutes are more than enough.

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    Decide the trainer

    You need to decide who in your family will be the trainer. This is because dogs follow only one leader as they are pack animals. Thus you need to decide who will teach your dog. Remember not to let anyone else teach anything until the trainer has taught the basics.

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    Give a practical name to your dog

    Next you need to give a name that is practical to your dog. You need to give a name that ends with a vowel as dogs can easily understand it. Also keep in mind that you should not give a name which is too long.

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    After giving him a name, you need to start the training process. First you need to teach him to sleep in a crate. Then you need to teach how to walk on a lead. After this, teach him to stop and release. Carry on training for different things after this.

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