How to Care for a Samoyed Puppy

Known for their fluffy white coats and piercing dark eyes, Samoyed puppies are extremely beautiful and can be one of the best pets to have. Apart from their physical features, a Samoyed puppy has many other characteristics, which a common man does not know about this popular breed.

To make the puppy obey your commands or to know how often you need to groom your Samoyed puppy can be quite tricky. Some of the care that your Samoyed puppy requires is the need of every pet; however, there are some aspects that are exclusive to this breed. In order to take care of a Samoyed puppy efficiently, you need to be patient, loving and persistent.

Things Required:

– Slicker brush
– Hair and nail clippers
– Puppy shampoo


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    Check the skin

    The most important part of caring for your Samoyed puppy is to check its skin almost every day. You should make sure that there are no fleas or black specks that are usually left behind by fleas, and are also called flea dirt. Keep in mind that such types of parasites can easily hide in the thick coats of Samoyed dogs.

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    Brush your puppy once a day

    You are required to brush your puppy at least once a day, using a slicker brush. Start brushing from the head and move down towards the tail. You should be paying more attention to the areas behind the Samoyed dog’s ears, elbows, rear end and stomach to make sure that there is no matting. While a Samoyed is a puppy, get it used to the grooming process so that it does not show any resistance as an adult.

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    Groom the puppy once a month

    Due to the thick hair of the Samoyed puppy, it is important to groom it at least once a month. Try to shave the belly, genital and the anal areas as it would help the puppy avoid the tangles. Using the puppy shampoo, you should bath the Samoyed dog once a month, clip its nails and clean the ears.

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    Assert your dominance over the puppy when young

    While the puppy is young, you need to assert your dominance over it. Remember that the Samoyed puppies are quite intelligent and at times can be difficult to train; therefore, you need to be a little persistent.

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