How to Use a Flea Comb on a Puppy

Fleas are dark wingless parasites that are found in the fur of animals (dogs and cats). These 1/8 inch long bugs survive on the blood of your pet, and if not checked in time, they can grow to a level that can put their host’s life at risk. Identifying and stopping these nasty parasites is no doubt a difficult task, but not impossible. There are many over the counter products that you can use to get rid of these wingless bugs, but the most effective and safe tool you can use to combat flea infestation is a flea comb.


  • 1

    Fill a bowl or tub with hot soapy water. You will use this hot soapy solution to kill the fleas found in your pet.

  • 2

    Take a flea comb and run it through your puppy’s fur.

  • 3

    Start the combing from your puppy’s ears, then move to the head and finally comb the tail.

  • 4

    Also pay close attention to the neck of the puppy, ensuring that both the top and the underside of the neck has been combed properly.

  • 5

    Besides neck, the rump makes a great hiding place for the fleas.

  • 6

    Periodically examine the comb to see if there are any fleas or their eggs on it. Pull the fleas off the comb and throw them into the bowl containing hot soapy water.

  • 7

    After you have thoroughly combed your puppy, wait for a few minutes to allow the remaining fleas to move around.

  • 8

    Some fleas that had been hiding in the hard to reach body parts, like hind and forelimbs, may move to more accessible areas.

  • 9

    Now comb again and repeating the above procedure; that is starting from the ears and head and moving to the tail, paying close attention to areas around the neck and rump.

  • 10

    Once you are done combing your puppy, dump the soapy solution containing dead fleas down the drain. Also wash the area properly using a garden hose to drown the fleas that may have escaped (if you had combed inside your home, pick up escaped fleas using a vacuum cleaner).

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