How to Wash Your Dogs Face

There has been a considerable increase in the trend of keeping dogs at home. However, only a few dare to take proper care of their dogs while the rest depend on other family members to perform the task. We should not underestimate the need to keep our pets clean and thus we should take their as much care as possible. Washing your dog’s face is no rocket science; all you need is a determination and a little effort. With the help of little guideline, you can easily clean your dog’s face.


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    Realise the need

    You do not want to irritate your dog by washing his face too many times a day. It is important that you must realise the need before washing your dog’s face. You do not have to wash it until you are about to give him a bath or he got dirty by playing in rain or mud. Most people give bath to their pets after equal interval of time as it helps them in sparing time from their busy routine. They feel more comfortable with this and it also makes it easier for them to take out some time for their dog.

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    Gather the required stuff

    Now you must gather all the necessary stuff that is required, to give bath a dog. For this, you must have a piece of cloth, soap, shampoo and a pipe connected with running water. If you are comfortable then you can get a towel or other piece of cloth for drying your dog. You can also use hair dryers to dry the hairs on your dog’s body. Before giving bath to your dog, you should keep in mind that you must start with his face. As you do not like to apply the same soap to your face after applying it all over your body, you should do the same with your dog.

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    Apply soap and shampoo

    Now you must apply soap and shampoo to your dog. For this, you should gently throw water at your dog and make sure all of his body is wet. Now, you should start applying soap to his face and prevent it from entering his eyes. You should apply it carefully to ears, head and face.

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    Rinse his face with water

    After you have applied it properly, now you should rinse it with water and dry his face.

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