How to Get a Dog to Sleep

Many dogs face difficulty in settling down or sleeping at night. Remember that a dog who is not going to sleep will disturb your sleep as well. However, there is no need to get worried if you follow some simple guidelines that will help get your dog to sleep.

Things Required:

– A Crate (should be large enough so your dog can stand)
– Dog bed radio
– Clock or white noise generator


  • 1

    Crate-train your dog

    You can always crate train your dog in order to make him or her go to sleep. Crate training requires you teaching your dog to sleep in a crate which is of appropriate size. Remember that the size of the crate should be large enough so your dog can stand and turnaround in it. By providing a crate, your dog will feel more secure, safe and comfortable. Also, keep in mind that your dog will probably sleep in a place where they feel secure, so a crate is the best option.

  • 2

    Provide a calm place or sleeping spot

    In case your dog is not crate-trained, you need to provide a calm place or a sleeping spot for your dog so it can sleep easily. You should make sure the sleeping area is quiet and away from children, other animals and noise from the television. In case your dog is people friendly, it might love sleeping besides you rather than in a corner isolated from the rest of family.

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    Plan meal times

    It is a good idea to provide meals to your dog at least three hours before its bedtime. In addition to this, you need to remove the water during your pets sleeping time.

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    Provide background sounds

    You can also provide background sounds for your dog so it can relax and sleep at night. You can buy a dog bed radio, a ticking clock or even white noise generator in order to calm your dog down.

  • 5

    Listen to your dog

    You should listen to your dog whenever it needs you. In case your dog wants to go out in the middle of the night, he will start whining or pacing around. Make sure to respond to your dog's signals by taking it outside so your pet can relieve himself and then bring it back to the appropriate sleeping spot.

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