How to Stop Dog Aggression

Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have to ensure that you feed them on time, take them to the vet regularly to ensure that they are kept safe from diseases and infections, keep them warm and dry on days when it is cold outside, take them out for a walk regularly, etc.

If your dog is of an aggressive type, your responsibilities increase even further. Keeping in mind that you can be legally liable to pay for damages in case your dog hurts a person or another dog, you have to teach your pet to let go of their aggression and instead be a bit more civil.


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    The best time to work on reducing your dog’s aggression is when you are feeding your pet, as that is the time when they tend to be the most agitated. Train your dog to stay calm and do not become too excited when you are putting food in front of your pet. If they do something aggressive, think of a way to punish them. Taking away half their food would be a good idea. Do not overdo it though, as you do not want your pet to starve.

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    Try not to confuse your dog with the new conditions, as it can frustrate your pet. If you are trying to teach your dog not to bark unnecessarily, make sure the rule remains consistent irrespective of the place you are at. Do not allow your dog to constantly bark at thepark, while giving your pet a signal to stay quiet at home. Mixing up the signals will bring out undesirable results.

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    Begin socialising your dog while still a puppy so that they feel comfortable around other dogs. If you wait too long before allowing your dog to mingle with others, your pet may develop an aggressive attitude towards other dogs and once that happens, you will have an extremely hard time changing the behaviour of your pet.

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    While out on a walk with your dog, train your pet to avoid other dogs. Whenever you see another dog approaching, call out your dog’s name and move your pet out of the way. If your dog listens to you and lets the other dog pass without barking or putting up some sort of a fight, award your pet with a treat such as a biscuit or a favourite bone.

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    If your dog has begun to show aggression all of a sudden, take it to a vet. Dogs tend to become aggressive when they are in pain. Hopefully, your vet may be able to diagnose the problem and treat it.

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