How to Take Care of a Great Pyrenees

A Great Pyrenees is a dog named after the range of mountains that are located in the Southwest of Europe. It is a mountain dog that is mainly used as a livestock guardian. It is an extremely old breed which originated in France and Spain about 600 years ago. The Pyrenees are very confident and are known to be very good with children. This is the reason many people keep them as pets. They are also said to be extremely loyal to their owners and are considered to be one of the most beautiful dog breeds. If you want to take care of a Great Pyrenees then follow these simple techniques.


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    Spay or Neuter the Great Pyrenees

    You need to spay or neuter your Great Pyrenees as it can avoid any risk of infection in the future. Male Pyrenees need to get neutering whereas Female Pyrenees should get spayed.

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    Regular vaccinations

    Regular vaccinations are extremely important. You should get your Great Pyrenees regularly examined medically to see whether there is any problems or not. The medical examination consists of a check up of eyes, ears, nose and teeth. Consult your veterinarian on the time for vaccinations and make sure you do not miss any as that will affect the health of your dog.

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    Quality food

    Take good care of the food your pet eats. The quality of the dog food should be high and it should contain all the healthy ingredients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals. You also need to take good care that your dog does not overeat.

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    Regular exercise

    Your Great Pyrenees should be provided with a decent sized backyard or garden so that it can play freely. Regular exercise and exertion is extremely important for the health of the dog and it needs to stay in shape. Sitting for a long time may result in it gaining a lot of weight which will be difficult to lose afterwards.

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    Keep your Great Pyrenees in good condition

    You must maintain the look of your Great Pyrenees by regularly giving it a bath and brushing its coat. Taking care of the dog's hygiene is very important as your pet can get diseases from different sources.

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