How to Care For a Chow Chow Puppy

Chow chows are really nice dogs and are used for numerous purposes such as guarding, hunting and herding. They were used by the Mongolian tribes because of their loyalty to humans.

If you are interested in keeping chows as pets, you have to take care of a lot of things. These dogs are quite stubborn in nature and do not socialise easily, so you have to train them properly from the time they are puppies. If you are thinking of buying a grown up chow, you will need to hire a specialist trainer alongside.

Things Required:

– Food
– Grooming supplies
– Veterinarian


  • 1

    Vaccinate the puppy

    Take your puppy to the vet when it is nine weeks old. From that stage onwards, it has to be vaccinated as per the vet’s advice. This is quite important for your puppy’s health, so you should not show any negligence.

  • 2

    Feed your chow puppy

    In order to keep your chow puppy fit and healthy, feed it thrice a day with different dog foods. Make sure that the diet you serve to your puppy contains 21 percent protein and has got vitamins and minerals, which aid in growth. Follow this routine for six months until your puppy gains strength in its bones and muscles.

  • 3

    Take your puppy for a walk

    If you take your puppy for a walk regularly, it will feel fresh and stay energised throughout the day. Moreover, it will become friendlier and will obey your orders.

  • 4

    Groom the puppy

    Some of the dog breeds don’t need any grooming at all because of their unique body and coat type. However, this is not the case with chow puppies and you have to take a lot of care. There are different ways of grooming your puppy, out of which some are extremely important. Make sure you bathe it every once in a week with the help of a shampoo. Moreover, brush the hair of your pet. You should also trim the nails of your chow puppy after bathing it.

  • 5

    Give a name to your puppy

    Always call your puppy with a name, so that it gets used to it. When it responds to your call, reward it with some dog treats and a pat on the back.

  • 6

    Socialise your puppy

    Take your puppy to the strangers and see how it behaves. If your pet doesn’t have a habit of meeting new people, it will become aggressive.

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