How to Teach a Dog Not To Jump on People

If you own a dog and suddenly found out that it jumps on people, then it is something you should be worried about. Not everyone appreciates a big hairy dog climbing all over them. You can hire a professional who can teach your dog not to do it or you can also train it yourself, if you know the right process. Keep reading to learn how you can teach your dog not to jump on people.

Things Required:

– Stake
– Rope
– Dog Collar


  • 1

    Go to the yard with a friend and twist a stake into the ground. Pass a leader through the stake hole and attached it to the dog's collar, keeping a firm grip on one end. Give your friend a bag of treats and ask them to give a treat to your dog at knee level only.

  • 2

    Allow your friend to approach your dog at the stake. When your dog's haunches drop a little at an angle, it is preparing to lift its body, it is important at this point to snap the line firmly but not excessively. A pull will only register to the dog as a resistance which it is naturally inclined to match with its own resistance. A jerk will only startle the dog and imprint the action with pain as a person is approaching it.

  • 3

    When your dog stops trying to jump, have your friend give your dog a treat on the ground.

  • 4

    Consider calling the dog to you, patting your belly or chest, hold the treat close to you at stomach height but don't taunt the dog, make sure it sees it.

  • 5

    As the dog jumps, stick your knee out at it and tell it to stay down. Repeat this until it stops jumping (usually 3-4 times). It will stop jumping and simply sit. Give it the treat only when it stops jumping up.

  • 6

    Never move your knee hard or fast into the dog. You are not confusing or teasing the dog, you are simply imprinting it in exactly the same manner that a mother dog does its puppies.

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