How to Treat Constipation in Dogs Naturally

Dogs are loyal and intelligent pets. They are also great guards and defend their owners with great bravery. People who own dog pets are very sentimentally attached to them and sensitive about their needs and health. Like humans, they can also have bowel disorders including diarrhea and constipation. Diarrhea is more common but constipation also causes great discomfort. For a responsible dog owner, seeing his dog uncomfortable due to difficulty in passing out solid waste can be a matter of serious concern.  Most constipation problems in dogs can be cured at home using natural remedies and methods. You need to understand the reasons for constipation. The most common and general reasons are lack of lack and fibre in the intestines. So you have to provide the dog with these two.  These include diet and movement changes to relieve the dog of the accumulated burden. Have a look at what our step by step guide has to say to help in this regard.


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    You have to soften up the bowels of your pet. Pumpkin has a lot of water content that frees up the intestines. It also has a great content of fiber. Puree the pumpkin or make a curry out of it. Feed it your dog two times a day to free up the load. Mineral oil works as a great natural laxative. Use a spoon to feed your dog at least two tablespoons. This will relieve constipation in a short period of time.

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    Feed the dog food rich in fibre. Oat bran Oat bran and Metamucil are two fibre rich things you can to your dog food and feed your pet. The fibre helps the stool grow solid and large so that it could be excreted out easily. Add about teaspoons of bran cereal in each of his meal serving. Psyllium husks or flaxseeds also have a high fibre content and can do the same job.

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    Constipation is also a result of lack of liquids in the intestines. Keep an ample supply of fresh water in an accessible place for your dog so that he is re-hydrated. Water will soften up his intestines and help with the constipation.

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    Finally, work out your dog. Play physical games with him to make him exercise. Exercise will help him prevent and cure constipation because the bowel will function properly. It is just like the way humans work.

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