How to Make a Dog Fruit Salad

Dieting is a good thing, but one has to make sure that there is no compromise on health. You should avoid eating junk food, as that adds up a lot of fat in your body. However, you can always eat fresh fruits in order to stay energised.

Some people don’t give much importance to their health, especially when they are on a diet. They end up losing more energy and strength instead of curbing fats and calories in their body. This is not the right thing to do, as one has to be fit enough to perform his/her daily tasks.

While dieting, we mostly eat fresh vegetables, but that can be a bit boring. So, we can always afford to eat fruits in order to enjoy different tastes. Although that can be also increase the fats in our body, we can try that a couple of times in a week.

Fruits increase the sugar level in our body, hence the energy rises and we can actively perform our routine work. Otherwise, we don’t feel like doing anything and get tired too soon.

Making a fruit salad is an ideal thing in this scenario. You can experiment with the recipe to some extent like adding a hotdog to it. This may sound a bit weird, but it will definitely taste good.

The dog fruit salad does not take much time in preparation and everyone in the family will enjoy it as the ingredient cater for all the age groups.

Preparation Time: 20-30 minutes
Serving Size: 04 persons
Utensils: Bowl, Chopping board, Knife, Kitchen paper towel, Spoon, Plates, Pan


– Hot dogs (as many as needed)
– Water
– Fruits
– Juice
– Yogurt
– Honey
– Chocolate syrup


  • 1

    Add water to a pan

    Take a clean pan and place it on the stove. Add some water in it, but make sure not to fill all of it.

  • 2

    Add hotdogs to the pan

    Take a couple of hotdogs and place them into the pan. Boil them on medium heat for 10 minutes until they become ready to eat.

  • 3

    Chop the hotdogs into small pieces

    Once the hotdogs are ready, chop them into small pieces and put them into a bowl.

  • 4

    Assemble all fruits and chop them down

    Just like the hotdogs, chop the fruits too and add them to the bowl. Toss the fruits and the hotdogs until they settle in nicely.

  • 5

    Pour some juice into the bowl

    You can now pour some juice into the bowl and mix properly. Moreover, you can add some toppings such as honey, chocolate syrup and cherries. Your recipe is now ready to be served.

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