How to Train a Cattle Herding Dog

Cattle herding dogs are really smart animals. If you can manage to train them, they can be used to entertain people in circus and other events. Furthermore, they can also be used as protectors of the herds. If you want to train a cattle herding dog, you will have to start the training from a very early age of the dog so that he can learn all the tactics in a profound manner. Besides, you will have to be patient while training your dog.

Things required:

– A good dog
– A routine
– Cattle
– Horse


  • 1

    First of all, you have to select your dog from the finest litter. It will be better for you to pick a ranch dog that has working parents as he will have innate qualities. If the mother of the dog is well trained, it is pretty obvious that her pup will also possess the qualities of a good keeper. On the other hand, if you cannot find a pup with trained parents, you will have to conduct a more vigorous research.

  • 2

    You must keep the pup with you all the time. The pups love to be with the master. Therefore, you must give the love back by taking him with you everywhere and feeding him properly. Moreover, you should develop a good relationship with the pup.

  • 3

    You should start the training from the older and seasoned dog. In this way, you will be able to learn in a good manner. Besides, you must start with the pup slowly, don’t try to push too hard in the beginning as it will make him scare.

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    You can train the pup on the yearlings in corrals. You must keep in mind that the dog must be kept separate from the calves as the mother cows are very protective for them.

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    Keep you pup behind the horse so as to train her. The dog and the horse must become good friends as soon as possible, otherwise the horse may kick the dog all the time to get rid of his barking or wandering around.

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    If you cannot train the dog on your own, you can hire a good professional trainer. But, you will have to pay a particular amount of money to the trainer for his services.

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