How to Train a Deer Hunting Dog

There are around 24 breeds of dogs which can be trained as hunters. It is often not easy to train your dog for hunting deer as there are a lot of things which you have to keep in mind. For instance, the weather and the tracking conditions are the two most important considerations for which you have to account for while training your dog. Deer is a very active and fast animal. So, if you want to make your dog a good hunter, you will have to train him properly.

If you are aiming to train your deer hunting dog, you will have to work very hard with patience and consistency.

Things Required:

– Deer blood
– Electric collar
– Hunting dog


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    First of all, you have to buy a good breed of dog. It is extremely important for you to conduct a good research for all the breeds of hunting dog in order to find the right one. Different breeds have different characteristics and if you want to train your dog well, you will have to understand the characteristics of his breed. Normally, it is good to buy a dog which possesses good sense of smell. You can buy the dog of your choice from anywhere. There are a lot of dog centres in almost every state. In addition, you can also buy dogs online.

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    It will be better for you to buy a puppy rather than a grown up dog as it will be easier to train and mould him. Furthermore, you can easily create a good relationship with the puppy if you start training him right from his early age. You should start the training when the dog is seven to ten weeks old.

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    You have to train your dog for hunting by scent instead of eyesight. In this way, your dog will be able to find his prey through his sense of smell even if he can’t see the target.

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    It is extremely important for you to keep in mind that you should not over feed your dog during the training. In addition, you should start the training during the off-season. Besides, you have to give your dog enough fresh water to drink during the training.

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