How to Make a Dog Kennel out of Wood

Pet lovers always take extra care of their pets in order to keep them healthy. For this purpose, they employ various means to provide comfort to their pet dogs. In regards to this, building a dog kennel is a significant step when it comes to providing proper shelter to your dog.

A dog kennel is a small house-like structure that is built in a lawn or yard to make a separate living place for the dog. It also keeps the dog away from your living areas and rooms, etc. If you are planning to make a dog kennel, make sure you use the proper equipment and follow the proper procedure.

Things Required:

– Screwdriver or drill
– Tape measure
– Saw
– Wood posts
– Nails or screws
– Metal fencing and brackets
– Tin sheeting or plywood
– Concrete mix (optional)
– Paint or stain (optional)


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    First of all, you need to determine whether your dog should sit on the ground or on a concrete pad. Concrete pads are easy to clean but can be a little expensive. In addition, they will also require more time to build and complete.

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    You should also decide the size of the dog kennel. For that purpose, you need to use a measurement tape and measure the width and length of the place where you want to make the kennel. Keep the area of the kennel big enough to ensure that your dog can move around in it easily.

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    If you want to build a kennel on the ground without concrete, you need to set wooden posts at a certain distance. You can also set up extra wooden posts for durability. Use an electric drill and dig the holes in the ground - these should be about 10 to 12 inches deep. Fill these holes with concrete - this will strengthen the posts and the dog won’t be able to pull them out.

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    After placing the wooden posts in the holes, you need to attach the fencing firmly with the wood pillars. Use the brackets for this purpose and repeat the process with all pillars. Meanwhile, do not forget to fix in a door for the exit and entrance to the kennel.

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    Inside the kennel, you need to build a small enclosed area or a little house for the dog. This house will protect the dog from the intensity of weather condition, and it should be built according to the size of the dog. You can also use plywood for completing this task, and use a saw to make sure the sizes of the wood pieces are as per your requirements.

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    After completing the building structure, now it’s time paint the house. You can choose any colour you want. However, make sure it matches with the surroundings, in order to ensure the kennel is in harmony with the remainder of your yard.

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