How to Get the Skills for a Job Promotion

No matter whether you do a white collar or blue collar job or something else, the thought of getting a promotion always surrounds the mind of people. Obviously, everyone wants to have a healthy living. No one wants to live from hand to mouth and everyone has plans what the wish to achieve or buy in future. The desires vary from one individual to other, for some buying a house is the most important thing while some give preference to luxury cars and memberships of clubs.

Some organisations offer very lucrative packages along with multiple bonuses and other benefits but earning more and more is just human nature. Therefore, most individuals aim to have an incremented gross salary. Bonuses and other benefits are add-ons and the real benefit lies in having a lucrative basic salary.

In most firms, annual or biannual employee performance evaluation act as a base for salary increment is the norm but the real advantage lies in getting a promotion. In United States, the percentage of increment in salary is relatively low while that of a promotion is considerably high.

Therefore, if you aim to get a promotion, you can seek help from superiors. You can ask your seniors how you can improve your performance. Remember that, the organisation will only think of your benefit, if you work for its betterment.


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    You should have frequent meetings with your bosses and ask them about what else they expect from a person in your position. Note down all the details and try to do some extra work as efficiently as possible.

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    Try to be as proactive as possible. If you really want a promotion, never ask your employer ‘what’s in it for me?’ instead, you should be willing to volunteer yourself for the extra work and make yourself prominent in the organisation.

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    To improve your skills, you should search the internet or visit institutes for the suitable courses. You should take the course, which complement your area of expertise or that enhances your field knowledge. After you know the courses, you should choose a viable institute; prefer studying the course from a reputed and well recognised college otherwise it will be of little worth.

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    To increase your knowledge, you can also take in the professional development courses or certifications that are offered by the industry association.

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