How To Deal with Attendance Problems in the Workplace

As the world has evolved over centuries, the ways of running a business have become more and more professional. Scientific methods are used in increasing sales, with technology playing a huge part in this regard. However, human resource is still the most important aspect in the success of any organization or a company. If the employees of a company are motivated and dedicated, the chances of its success are much higher.

If the employees are not up to the mark and they are not dependable, it is surely going to hamper the progress of a company. In offices, where the attendance is not good, sales decrease with the passage of time. Therefore, it is imperative for a management to take strong measures to ensure high percentage of attendance, if they want the business to grow.


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    Lead by example

    The top management must lead by example. If the leadership is very punctual and professional, it is definitely going to have an impact on the attitude of the employees as well. If a manager comes to work on time and does not take unapproved leaves, he will have the moral authority to hold his subordinates accountable if they are not on their toes. Every organization must take into account the trickle-down effect, as the behaviour or the performance of the leaders is going to reflect on the employees.

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    Instead of going the hard way and punishing the employees who are not dependable, the best way to enhance the attendance at a workplace is to motivate them through different means. Good organizations do give incentives to the employees who are regular and have a high rate of attendance. If the employee is motivated, he/she is more likely to deliver the goods for the company.

    The motivation level of your subordinates should be that high that they continue to perform their duty with dedication, even if you are not present on top of their heads.

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    If you are leading by example and motivating your employees, then you must deal strictly with the people who do not have good attendance and are not dependable. You must understand that the unprofessional employees are having an extremely bad impact on other workers. You can fine the late arrivals or the absentees and if they still do not improve, give them warnings. Laying-off an employee should be the last step, if you have lost hope on that individual completely.

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