How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

Being a writer, you have plenty of opportunities on the internet to make m0ney, if you know how to capitalise on your skills and time.

Growing competition among websites in multiple industries has given writing a considerable boost. Moreover, online marketing now focuses more on content. Popular jobs may include blogs, news, press releases, sports, web copy, letters, resume and technical writing. No matter what writing you take up, it is quality that will make or break you as a freelance career.


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    Improve your writing skills

    Before you try to find work and start writing for others as a freelance writer, you have to make sure your skills are good enough to get you some work online. Most people that outsource writing tasks to freelancers will typically ask you to show a sample of your past work. This sample is expected to be good, informative and flawless. If you are having trouble with a certain writing category—let’s say creative writing—you should first hone your skills and then join the fold.

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    Decide what you want to write

    Writing is a broad field and it is hard for an average freelancer to focus on all sorts of writing categories. There are plenty of categories for writing and you are advised to choose some of them—not all of them. Choosing a niche or a certain type of writing will help you hone your skills and you will soon build your profile as a professional writer. For instance, technical writing is very different from creative writing. If you have been into creative writing for a long time, you may find it hard to switch to technical writing at once. Some of the writing you may consider as a fledgling freelancer can include blog writing, which is easy as you have to come up with “marketing stuff” and articles.

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    Create a blog and offer your writing services

    Once you have chosen your writing categories, you can now market yourself as a freelance writer. Keeping in mind that you have no money at all, you can create a free blog by signing up with blog hosts like WordPress and Blogspot. There are several other free blog hosts that allow you to create your blog for free, but the aforementioned (two) blogs are the most popular as they are used by millions of people. WordPress and Blogspot are good for search engine results due to their powerful CMS (Content Management System).

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    Find work from freelancing sites

    Once you have built a profile/resume with a couple of samples of your past work, you can now explore freelancing sites to find work and make money. Sites like Elance and Odesk are the most popular platform for freelance writers.

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