How to Get Vanuatu Tourist Visit Visa from London

Comprising approximately 80 islands, the archipelago nation of Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is to the east of northern Australia, northwest of New Caledonia, west of Fiji and southeast of Solomon islands. Vanuatu has a lot to offer to British tourists in addition to the usual Pacific island activities like underwater caves, canoeing and other water sports, hiking on mountains and relaxing near waterfalls. Visitors from the United Kingdom can also experince the very unique and diverse cultural heritage of the country that is hard to find any where else in the world. The eccentric rituals, customs and celebrations, unique way of life and the distinctive genres of music draw lots of tourists and culturists not only from UK but from other parts of the globe.

Go through the below step by step how to get Vanuatu tourist visit visa from london guideline to get a visa for Vanuatu.

Visit: Consulate of Vanuatu in Paris, France


  • 1

    British Nationals

    British citizens do not require a visa for entry in  Vanuatu. A visitors permit is granted upon arrival for a stay of up to 30 days. However, the passport has to be valid for a minimum of 6-months after your exit from Vanuatu.

    Other Nationals

    All other nationals may confirm their entry or visa requirements from nearest Vanuatu Consulate which is in Paris, France. Some countries with visa exemption and visitors permit  upon entry facility can be found by clicking here.

  • 2

    Visa Requirements
    Below is a list of documents that may be required to obtain a visa for Vanuatu.

    a)      A completely filled in and signed application Form. Visa application form can be downloaded by clicking here.
    b)      A passport valid 6-months beyond the traveling dates
    c)      1 recent passport-size photographs
    d)      Visa fee code provided by Western Union upon payment of Visa fee of VT 3600   through Western Union.
    e)      Complete details of flight itinery
    f)       Copy of first page of passport.

  • 3

    Submission of  visa application

    The application form along with the documents can be taken to Vanuatu Embassy in France or sent to the Immigration department in Venuatu.

    Principal Immigration Officer

  • 4

    Processing Time and Fees

    The visa application processing time can be confirmed from the immigration department Vanuatu or the Consulate of Vanuatu in Paris.

    The Visa fee to get a visa for Vanuatu is VT 3600.

  • 5

    Collection of Visa

    You need to visit the Consulate of Vanuatu in Paris to collect your passport after visa processing is done. If you have applied to the immigration department in Vanuatu then you may get your visa permit letter through mail or fax.

  • 6

    Final Checklist of things to take along

    A checklist of items to be taken to Vanuatu, in addition of essential documents mentioned in step 2 are  mentioned here.

    a) Adequate currency or valid travelers cheques to fund your visit.
    b) Complete information about your accommodation.
    d) Travel maps of different locations
    e) Sun screens and Mosquito Repellents
    f) Sand and water shoes

  • 7

    Tips and Precautions for tourists to Vanuatu

    Some tips and precautions for the tourists to Vanuatu are here.

    a) check forecasts for volcanic activity, cyclones and earthquakes
    b) get necessary vaccines from your doctor
    c) Passport must be carried all the time in Vanuatu
    d) You are not allowed to work on a tourist visa

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