West London Best Aqua Spas

London is home to some of the world’s best shopping locations and recreational venues. However, it does not lag back in the beauty department either. If you happen to be in London or just visiting, there are several aqua spas you can unwind in and relax.

On the other hand, if you are residing in London, and looking for a bachelorette party venue, or to simply schedule your manicure, London has the perfect places for you to pamper your body. Just remember, since you are going to be spending a lot of time in a spa, you might want to take the tube rather than your personal car, which you will have to leave parked outside for long. Either way, check out our guide below to find out about the best aqua spas in West London.


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    Spa London

    At the time when the spa of London was launched people only dreamt that they could spend a day at a spa without picking a hole in their pockets. Following that, a new branch was introduced in the swiss cottage center, with their extended menu, good value deals. However, for a package of full day spas it is best to stick to the original East End which has steam rooms, Turkish hammam and swimming pools. Treatments range starting from a leak in the exfoliation with salts of the city and a 25 minutes cleaning should remove all traces of dirt you caught in London.

    The exfoliation is soothing, before going through the treatment of aromatherapy and massage and a special steaming marine facial. Imagine all that pleasure without all those pocket shredding prices.

    spa london
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    One Aldwych Hotel

    Treatments at the ‘’One aldwych’’ hotel offer you a totally delightful combination of the most up-to-date and innovative aesthetics with pure relaxation. The results are remarkable. They make sure that your stay is intensely relaxing and you experience the most sacred methods in massage therapy. The spa is very attractive with golden lotus flowers and plenty of lavishh décor.

    One Aldwych London
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    The Porchester Spa

    The spas location is stunning, situated in a classic building dating back to the 1930s. It is no doubt one of the most renowned spas in West London. You get to benefit from a new freshening system, a steam bath and re-tiled sauna, which is one of the largest since its renovation in 2006. Expect those fluffy hot white towels, and experience the atmosphere created by soothing music. This spa also has a swimming pool to cool off after a session in one of three Turkish hot rooms.

    People come here for a number of sensual treatments such as hot towel treatment, 30 € for 30 minutes, and all the treatments here are reasonably priced, including, facials and massages.

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    Away Spa

    This spa is especially designed to help detoxification after a big night. The 'spa barman' aromatherapy and the signature spa outside massage (40 pounds for 25 minutes) are some of the special treatments here. In general, treatments are not cheap - a manicure is a whopping 60 pounds for 55 minutes, but it boasts is "best in town".

    The Wow Experience (£ 226 for 140 minutes) includes body exfoliation, facial measure, a message straight on the pressure points.

    AWAY Spa
  • 5

    Chuan Spa

    This is one Chinese spa you can’t miss. Treatments start from £ 85 and they offer an excellent massage (with earth apparently) which stimulates the body's pressure points to relax and detoxify. The prices vary as you opt for other treatments but the experience here is very highly rated.

    Chaun Spa
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    May Fair Spa

    A stunning wet room, large (but expensive) treatments and amazing statues Middle East make this one of the best resorts in central London. New to the resort this season are Golden Caviar Facial indulgent (£ 135 for one hour 30 minutes) and cashmere and silk wrap body (99 pounds per hour). You can enjoy the post spa treatment of relaxation and to enjoy the sauna and steam chamber .

    The Mayfair London
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    ‎‎Spa Illuminata

    This spa offers Mayfair one of the best massage (90 pounds per hour) guests experience. It’s a Swedish aromatherapy ‘’shiatsu’’ with a little shot," with the force that always wants more, but rarely wants it. Even the palms and toes are served. There are also more unusual treatments.

    Spa Illuminata
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    The Berkeley Spa

    With its small but perfect convertible pool overlooking Hyde Park, this resort, a favorite among celebrities, wins points for its location. To be Such as the performance of Hydra Facial for Men Swiss glacial water (which I know) is 75 pounds for 55 minutes, eye treatments such as eyebrow shaping is from 22 pounds.

    Berkely London
  • 9

    The Spa at the Brown Hotel

    This elegant hotel management Rocco Forte Hotel Mayfair offers a completely relaxing and luxurious experience. The pressure includes a foot massage while sipping a passion fruit, lychee and mint gin cocktail, all topped off with perfect polish.

    Spa at Brown Hotel
  • 10

    Agua Spa

    They Offer excellent treatments in beautiful surroundings with the hissing of white curtains all around. On a recent visit, we sampled from Mother Nature Pregnancy Massage (80 pounds per 55 minutes) who participated in a bed of hot water, celestial being smeared in oil Aromatherapy Associates and gently massage all over the scalp to the feet - until the coup was gently massaged Ultra soft.

    Agua Spa

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