List of Chinese Medicine Centres in London

Chinese medicine treatment is getting popular as an alternative medicine to the traditional medical treatments in the world. The reason for the growing popularity of the Chinese medicine is that it has lesser side effects as compared to other traditional medications. That is why people living in the metropolitan area like London turning their attention towards the Chinese herbal treatments. Easy availability, low prices and lesser side effects has made a drastic jump in the demand of the Chinese medicine. One example of which is a high demand of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture’s and massages in the British capital. If you want to get any of the Chinese medicine, here is a step by step list of Chinese Medicines in London.


  • 1

    Everell Chinese Medicine Centre, is the most well-known Chinese  medicine medicine centre in the United Kingdome with highly qualified and experienced practitioners. They offer acupuncture and herbal massages and other chinese methods of treatment.

    Everwell Chinese Medicine London
  • 2

    Balance Oriental Health Centre, is London's leading Chinese Medicine Practitioners clinic. Acupuncturists and Massage therapists, offering all Alternative treatments,natural health products,fantastic relaxing and beauty services at reasonable price.

    balance oriental
  • 3

    Chinese Medical Centre, help to cope up with a number of health issues including skin problems, pain, stress, depression, infertility, man's problems, women's problems, detox, quit smoking, lose weight, insomnia, headache and etc.

    Chinese Medical Centre London
  • 4

    Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine, serves as a well equipped, latest and friendly treatment Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicines. Having highly qualified practitioners from the best universities and teaching hospitals from China, it offers best services to residents of London as well as outsiders. You can easily locate the medical centre by entering the Archway campus from the Archway road.

    Asante academy of chinese medicine
  • 5

    The Zhai Clinic, Here a patient can avail best medical services by Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, working under the supervision of under Xiao-Ping Zhai’s direction.

    The Zhai Clinic Chinese Medicine London
  • 6

    The Institute Of Chinese Medicine, is dispensing chemist, which is known for its Chinese herbal remedies. It also provides acupuncture and Chinese treatment to inhabitants of London.

    The Institute of Chinese Medicine london
  • 7

    Meridian Chinese Medicine Centre, is widely designed and used to identify and treat imbalances or illness using Chinese methods in London. All the suggestions and remedies prescribed are totally in conjunction with nature and guided throughout by the professional expert.

  • 8

    Acupunture and TCM, is the state of optimal health, where the human mind, body and spirit are balanced, adequately nourished and functioning smoothly as one integrated whole.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture chinese Medicine London
  • 9

    Kander Chinese Medicine, is a leading Chinese medicine and health centre in London. You can get effective traditional Chinese medicine treatments like acupuncture, herbs and relaxing massage treatments.

    Kander Chinese Medicine center
  • 10

    Kun Lun Traditional Chinese Medicine, offers you the full range of TCM therapies including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, tuina and much more, in Highgate, London.

    Kunlun Chinese medicine

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