How to Give a Great Powerpoint Presentation

Preparing a great PowerPoint presentation can be a daunting task mainly because you are required to pay attention to all the small details on the slides. It should be noted that a PowerPoint presentation is not just about typing text on the slides but it should be prepared in a way that the message is conveyed to the audience. There is no denying the fact the content on PowerPoint slides is extremely important but a great presentation will require you to talk about other factors as well. Even after preparing a great presentation, you can fall flat if you forget the most important aspect, that it is you who will be communicating with the audience and not your slides. Follow the guidelines detailed below to give a great PowerPoint presentation.

Things Required:

– Computer
– MS Powerpoint


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    The most important aspect of a PowerPoint presentation is the slide formatting. Text size and font style should be chosen according to the requirements of the project. Typically, a PowerPoint presentation should not be less than 24 points. It is recommended to choose a font that is easy to read. Avoid using fancy style fonts at all times. Each point on the slide should not consist of more than 15 words. Use of bullet points is highly encouraged. If you are using a coloured background for your slides then do not forget font colours that is in high contrast with that background. Similarly, consider formatting the pictures to make the text more visible if you plan on using a picture background. Include limited points on each slide.

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    When preparing your PowerPoint presentation, always keep your audience in mind. A professional PowerPoint presentation should never include cartoon style backgrounds or animations as this will make you look stupid in front of your audience. A presentation for an elementary school can incorporate fanciful objects. You may also choose to include sound in your presentation depending on the size of the hall and your viewers. Use simple computer speakers if you will be interacting with the people in a boardroom setting.

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    Prepare handouts for your audience so you can interact with them during your presentation. After preparing your presentation, simply go to the File Menu and Print, selecting the type of handouts you would like to print. Use of three to four slides per page is highly recommended to avoid wasting paper. However, you may choose to print five to six slides per page if you want to give a quick overview to the viewers.

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