How to Give Yourself an Intensive Pampering

The hustle and bustle of modern life has made it difficult of for us to spare some time for ourselves. Almost every one of us wants to get away from these busy schedules and relax. Unfortunately, hardly few are that lucky to pamper themselves.

Usually, people go to spas for relaxing treatments but they are so expensive that just a limited class can fetch benefits of this facility. However, you do not need to worry as there some simple but effective techniques that can help you give yourself an intensive pampering at home.


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    First of all you need to be disconnected from the outside world. Make sure that no work is pending as you are going to spend a tension free day. Turn off your mobile phone and stay offline. It may be difficult but you will have to do it for yourself.

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    After getting in the right frame of mind, prepare yourself for an intensive pampering. Light the fragrant candles around your bedroom, bathroom, sitting room etc. These fragrant candles will make you feel comfortable and you will be able to enjoy each and every moment of this process.

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    Having light music in the background also help you to feel relaxed. Pick any CD of your favourite singer or make a playlist and enjoy the music.

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    The next thing you will do is to have a nice bath. Fill your bathtub with beads, shower gels, scented lotions and cleanse yourself thoroughly. Use a body brush as it will not only increase your blood circulation but also make your skin really soft. Apply sugar scrub on your body and wash it off after few minutes. When you feel that you are done with this process, get out of the tub and pat your body dry.

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    Now you will work on your face. If you see any pimples, black heads or unwanted scars then apply any facial mask or scrub on your face, rub it properly and then wash it off. However, take care to not get them in your eyes, nose or mouth. Moreover, you also need to pick face masks or scrubs according to your skin.

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    Using cleansing lotions and soaps on your body can make your skin dry so you should apply moisturising lotions after having a nice bath. Rub these lotions all over your body.

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