How to Go on Tour with your Favorite Band

There are certain ways in which you can actually tour with your favourite band. You need to become their groupie.

Groupies are those fans of the band who personally know the band members and tour with them at all times.

However, a groupie has to make sure that he/she is not too pushy with the band members, or the security team. There will often come a time when the crew member will ask groupies to keep their distance and their verdict has to be accepted. Even with all the conditions though, its worth travelling with your favourite stars.


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    At first, you need to get to know the band a little better.

    How will you start?

    You will have to buy their discography. Buying is always better than downloading things. This would mean that you are not pirating anything and you actually like the band you want to go out on a tour with. Once you are done with buying the discography, go through it and understand what culture does the band promote and try to mould your character so that you can adjust yourself in that culture.

    Bands simply love those people who share the same ideologies as them.

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    Try to get in touch with the band’s roadies. They are the key to the band itself. Moreover, they are also your ticket to the tour that you have always wanted to go out on. These roadies are the people who arrange everything for the band and organize everything that they require in a concert. Moreover, roadies can also help you get in touch with the crew and the security head of the band, who will later allow you to interact with the band when you are alone and they are free.

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    Lastly, whenever you know that there is a concert of your favourite band, get in touch with those roadies and the contacts that you have made. Just enter the backstage at least two to three hours before the concert. Watch them play for the sound check and appreciate them so they get to know you. Once you are under the radar, they will know that you are their groupie. Just make sure that you maintain that stature. Do this often and soon you’ll be seeing yourself on the road to any tour that your favourite band is going to play on.

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