How to Ground Teenagers

For many parents having teenagers can be a very stressful time in their lives. Teenagers can be brash and unpredictable as their bodies are changing and hormones begin to change their perspectives on life. In today’s world, many teenagers are inundated with technological gadgets like tablets and smart-phones. Not to mention the immense peer pressure teenagers go through in school which can undoubtedly lead to tension and stress at home. Most parents find it difficult to relate with their teenagers and maintain some sort of discipline. Parents do not want to seem too soft or flexible when it comes disciplining their teenagers. That is why they prefer to ground or not allow their teenager to go certain places to meet friends or hang out. Grounding your teenager can seem very harsh to them but as long as the time period is fair, the message of discipline can come across in a satisfactory manner.


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    Maintain Limits:

    Starting at an early age, parents should design fair limits for their child. Limits on the amount of time to watch television, using the internet or going out to be with friends should be in place. These guidelines provide for a sort of framework that you can use to maintain some discipline in the house. However, it is important for parents to understand that as your child gets older the limits should be revised accordingly. Things like timings for coming home at night and other activities should be realistic and not too strict that your teenager becomes resentful. Having limits allows for a teenager to know how far they can go on certain issues and what can happen if the pass these limits.

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    Fair Grounding Time:

    Parents that decide that they have to ground their teenager should maintain a fair time period that is realistic and not too harsh. The time period should be determined by the level of limits crossed by your teenager and a suitable length for the grounding should be put in place.

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    Define Grounding Rules:

    It is very important for parents with teenagers to discuss grounding rules. Nowadays, teenagers do not have to meet face to face to socialise as the internet and smart-phones has allowed them to communicate constantly with their friends. Having a grounding rule like no internet or no smart-phone can allow the parents to get their teenagers attention.

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    Talk with your Teenager:

    Talking with your teenager is very important so that they understand why they are being grounded for whatever they might have done. Parents need to understand the pressures that teenagers are going through and ‘acting out’ is a strong part of growing up and relieving some tension. Talking also opens the door for more communication to avoid issues from developing in the future.

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    Be Firm:

    Parents must work together to be firm and not be too flexible when grounding their teenager. If both parents are on the same page then the grounding will become a more serious issue and a teenager will get the message loud and clear.

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