How to Grow Annual Geranium

Annuals are basically the plants that grow just for one year and you have to plant new ones next year as previous ones become expired. Annual Geranium is one of the most fascinating plants that produce a huge number of flowers throughout the year from spring season to the frosty weather. The annual geranium is easy to grow at home or farm house but you have to take care of many things for getting desired results. You can take guidance and help from this article which will let you know how to grow annual geranium in a desired manner.


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    First of all, you should go to a nursery for buying the plants of annual geranium. Make sure you buy only those plants that are green, healthy and have no sign of disease or wilting.

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    Make sure the plants are full with leaves which will make you sure that these plants are healthy as only healthy annual geranium plants have a stock of leaves on their small branches.

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    You should also try to avoid purchasing those plants that already have flowers on them. Buying an annual geranium plant without flowers is more likely to grow better because it consumes energy in building roots that help in the better growth of the plant.

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    There are a huge variety of annual geranium plants and make sure you choose the most appropriate or right geranium that meets your requirements. Choose between Zonal geraniums, Ivy geraniums, Martha Washington or Regal geraniums which are the most common types of geranium.

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    You should also know that there are a lot of colours in geranium flowers including white, pink and red. All annual geranium plants can be grown in containers and after becoming grown up, these plants produce a huge number of flowers that look fascinating.

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    You need to plant the annual geranium plants in spring season just after the frosty weather because it is the best weather for annual geranium to grow better.

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    You should also choose the right place that is under the direct sunlight because annual geranium plants grow well in sunlight. However, make sure you build shade that covers these plants in the afternoon which helps them to grow in a perfect manner.

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    During the growth of annual geranium plants, you should trim the faded branches and flowers with regular intervals in order to keep the plant healthy.

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    Keep the soil moist which plays a vital role in the better growth of annual geranium plants and make sure you provide them required fertilizer with regular intervals of about four weeks.

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