How to Grow Comfrey at Home

Comfrey, also referred as Symphytum officinale, is one among the very popular and useful medicinal herbs in the world. This amazingly beneficial ornamental plant is usually recognized for its deep roots, outsized, jagged, spiny leaves, and the bell-shaped pink, purple or white flowers. You can use comfrey as a medicinal herb, vegetable, fertilizer, tea, vegetable, animal feed, skin and hair revitalizer, soil conditioner, scars remedy, and reducing inflammation etc. by growing comfrey in your house, you would be able to take advantage it its positive aspects. Moreover, you can sell it in the market as well, earning a lot of money.


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    Know about the Comfrey Cuttings

    Cuttings are used to grow comfrey plants. You can use crown cuttings or root cuttings. Crown cutting are the ones with some eyes can possess the capability to grow earlier than the root cuttings. But, they are quiet expensive. Anyhow, the selection of the cuttings totally depends on your choice and budget.

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    Wait for Right Time to Propagate

    September is the right time to plant the comfrey’s root cuttings while early October is appropriate time to plant the crown cuttings.

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    Select an Area

    Selection of an area to grow comfrey is really important as it is a plant that will be re-growing in the same spot until you kill it permanently. Select an area in your house that receives full sunlight and possess a cooler climate. However, an area with partial shade and damp soil is also recommended.

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    Clear the Selected Area

    Once you select an area, use a hand shovel to do away with all the weeds as they can utilize the water and fertilizers of your comfrey plants. Additionally, remove the stones and other garbage etc.

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    Prepare the Soil

    Now prepare the soil of the selected area in order to make it suitable for planting the comfrey. It grows in a variety of soil, but fertile and moist soil is the best for healthy comfrey. However, make sure to avoid shallow soils, including sandy, dry or well-drained soil etc. Use a pickaxe or mattock to tilt the soil of the spot and smooth the large pieces of soil and the surface. Add some manure or compost to the soil and mix it well, suing gloved hands.

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    Plant the Comfrey Cuttings

    Once you select the cutting, follow the given below steps to plant them:

    Root Cuttings: Trim the root cuttings to 2-6" lengths and plant them horizontally (parallel) 2-8" deep. Fix them with some more soil to hold them in one position.

    Crown Cuttings: Plant your crown cutting 3-6" deep into the land.

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    Water the Comfrey Cuttings

    Water the comfrey cuttings right after planting them. Afterwards, you can water them once the soil dried out or during dry periods.

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    Enrich the Soil

    Enrich the soil of the comfrey cuttings time to time, using manure or compost.

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    Remove the Weeds

    Once the planted comfrey cuttings formed strong base in the form of burly roots, rototill between them to do away with the weeds.

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    Cut the Leaves Regularly

    Use a pruner or loppers to trim the leaves of the comfreys from the base in order to delay the flowering stage. It allows the plants to put more energy into producing leaves that are harvested.

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