How to Grow Heirloom Herbs at Home

“Heirloom” is a word that is always associated with age. By “Heirloom Herbs”, you can understand that they are those plants which were originated before the popularity of hybrid farming. It is said that some of the heirlooms are hundreds of years old.

These plants are among the most popular items of home gardening. Wide variety of herbs, amazing flavours, biogenetic diversity and frugality are the main reasons of their popularity. Though, growing heirloom herbs at home can be difficult if you are doing it for the first time but a couple of simple directions can make things easier.


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    Pick your herbs wisely:

    First and the foremost thing you need to do is to select the herbs that are compatible to your local weather conditions. Heirloom herbs are quite different so you should pay extra attention while picking your plants. Make sure the selected plants can do well without any special effort. Similarly, you should pick those herbs that grow rapidly. Blue Lake, Kentucky Wonder, Romano, Lemon Cucumber, Spanish Roja garlic, Red Toch garlic, Lillian’s Yellow and Brandywine Tomatoes are some examples of this kind of herbs.

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    Where to plant:

    Though, you can make both the courtyard herbs garden and container herbs garden but you should go for the first one for better results. Select a corner where you can provide sufficient amount of water, air and sunlight to your plants.

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    Divide your garden into quarters:

    If you want to manage everything with less effort then you should divide your garden into quarters. Place birdbath to mark the centre of the circle and then prepare every quarter according to your needs.

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    Plough the field:

    After selecting the place, you will have to prepare the soil before sowing the seeds. For this purpose, take a garden spade and make the soil soft. Remove all the rocks and other unwanted elements. If you feel necessary then there is no harm in adding fertilizer.

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    Now, when you have prepared the land, it’s time to spread the seeds. Cover them with soil to keep them safe from birds and a strong breeze. The next thing you will do is the irrigation. Remember, you need to keep the soil moist in early stages but too much water can also damage the growth.

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    Take care of your plants:

    Even when they have fully grown, you should take care of your plants. Make sure they are safe from insects and different ailments that can damage the plants.

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